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Given its rank as the most diverse city in the nation, Houston just won’t stop growing its dining scene. And Italian restaurants are one of the favorite cuisines, adding new names to the mix every year. However, only a few make it to the ultra-luxury group, and it appears that the prestigious River Oaks District will be home to the one to top the list: the new Bari Ristorante Italiano, located in the spectacular old Tom Ford corner space of the prestigious shopping center.

River Oaks District has earned its reputation as one of the most iconic shopping and dining districts in Houston, where those that want to mingle amongst the chicest and most beautiful, flock to the scene.

When one enters Bari, the energy and magic that surge from the meticulously designed space can be sensed, welcoming those coming through its’ doors ready to enjoy some of the best Italian dishes in Texas.

The restaurant was designed by the famous Houston designer, Carlos Castroparedes, who has brought all his experiences and knowledge from his 32 years of working on projects in every sector of the Hospitality Industry, domestically and internationally. Castroparedes is known for his collection of projects in Dubai, Scottsdale, Arizona, France, Spain, Mexico, and of course right here in his hometown Houston. Now he’s done it again, funneling the best of his innovative concepts into this magical space.

On a few walls, blocks of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, lit from behind, reflect an aura unknown to Houston, thus far – as they emanate a unique visual sensation that aide to create an ambiance like no other.

Castroparedes chose to use Himalayan Salt in this particular application, due to the power of the sea salt as a remitter of negative ions which ultimately helps to purify the air where they are located, helping to create a calm, relaxing and comfortable setting and the same time reaping many health benefits for individuals, such as energy increases, stress reduction and ultimately, mood boosts at a biochemical level.

In the fabulous open kitchen area, the Chefs will also use blocks of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt to complement the cooking of their dishes, adding to the power of the use of this natural resource.

In the main restaurant area, hang four magnificent chandeliers that were made in Valencia, Spain, their lines crafted and guided by contemporary Venetian design, as were the small table lamps that decorate each table.

The interior seating was manufactured in Italy and graced with superior Italian design and exceptional comfort – as were the barstools, which were made with high-quality Italian wood and upholstered in extra soft Italian perforated leather, helping to create the comfort sought for the ideal seat to be able to relax and linger.

The back bar area is truly a spectacular sight, permitting a privileged view of the extensive collection of liquor and tequilas from around the world with the wine cellar complementing the space with its’ marvelous selection of wine and champagne.

As mentioned previously, the open kitchen is truly a jewel, as it allows the diner the unique opportunity of being able to watch the preparation of the dishes, under the strict regimen of spotless hygiene and cleanliness, as the Italian dishes are created and plated.

In the main area of the restaurant, one can enjoy a conversation with the other people at their table – without having to raise the tone of their voice, due to the carefully selected acoustical ceiling that goes throughout! And also, diners will note the columns in the restaurant, whose bottom half is dressed with a thin sheet of lava rock, fabricated by the Grupo Porcelanosa in Spain – in honor of the famous Vesuvius volcano.

The restaurant is fortunate to be graced with beautiful large window panels, whose view is the restaurant area’s outdoor patio. Comfortable seating, framed by the manicured landscaping and vibrant colors that River Oaks District is so famous for – creates yet another area of the restaurant that diners can enjoy.

In regard to the restrooms, the prestigious Grupo Porcelanosa also played an important role. From the floors, walls, and countertops – all before-mentioned specified products were supplied by Porcelanosa – as was the majestic material gracing the façade of the restaurant.

This incredible restaurant will be managed and overseen by its’ owners, Pedro Teyuca and Tommy Nally – who, with the success they have had in the past working together, will be dedicated to making this restaurant one of the best in Houston, not only with its exceptional food but with exceptional service – in a fun and vibrant space!

It is also very necessary to mention and give thanks to Grupo Onix, which has helped to support the realization of this marvelous new concept.

A whimsical feature in the restaurant – definitely worth a mention – will be the ‘Selfie Wall’ – where all the ‘Celebrity Houstonian Diners’ can create their own personal digital footprint of their evening!!

Artistic backdrops throughout the restaurant were specified and supplied by Yellow Corner and Assouline, two stores we are extremely fortunate to have in River Oaks District – due to their stellar reputation for high-end art and collections, worldwide.

It is such an honor and pleasure to find up-and-coming restaurants in the Houston areas of this caliber – that hold such a unique vision – and we wish them all the best because they have worked hard to get to this point!


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