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By Kathy Anderson, Senior Interior Design Editor | Founder and owner of Eklektik Interiors.

Exquisite, functional, organized, grand, comfortable, luxurious… words that you may think most homeowners are requesting for a kitchen or living room. But have you considered these adjectives to describe your dream closet?  Closets are no longer a small space to pile your belongings and hide them away.  High class closets are becoming a priority in most remodels and new construction design projects. They are becoming a destination within your home—an essential part of the primary suite where homeowners can retreat to be alone and escape from the pressures of the day, surrounded in comfort and style in a personal, customized boutique.

Ultimate Organization

Maximizing the use of the space given for the closet is a must. We have done a lot of remodels where we have moved walls and taken space from the bedroom or bathroom to add to the closet. When this isn’t possible, we have made an addition onto the house so that the closet got the attention that the client’s desired. 

As we create the shelving layout, maximizing every inch of space is key. Corners are often wasted space. We love incorporating shoe carousels into corners that would otherwise go unused. Imagine fitting 196 pairs of shoes into a corner in a beautiful and functional display.

Shelving and hanging racks can also function not only as a space to store clothes and accessories, but can be enhanced with mirrored edging, LED lighting, and wallpaper backing. There are endless ways to incorporate your personal style into your closet.

Mabry Residence – Tomboll, Texas by Richard McCann of Blackbox Studios and Kathryn Harris of Eklektik Design.

Getting Ready in Style

Vanity areas are a fun feature that many homeowners are moving to their closet space. We call this the “getting ready space.” Some prefer this to be between the bathroom and the closet, while others like having this private space move from the bathroom to the closet.  Other common requests are large islands with drawers and countertops or glass tops to display jewelry with exquisite chandeliers hanging above.  Beverage stations have also made their way to the closet.  Whether the request is for a mini wine fridge or a coffee maker, the convenience of having those items in the closet adds to the comfort and feeling of escaping to your closet retreat.

Luxurious Livability

Whether you are getting ready to leave in the morning, or unwinding after a long day, a luxurious closet can be a welcome place to put your mind and your things in order.  Having   large, organized space can help you prepare for or unwind from the chaos of your day. A closet may be a hidden-away private space that you don’t share with guests, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it luxurious and beautiful and make you feel like you are entering your special retreat every time you walk in.

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