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END OF SUMMER: A Guide to Plastic Surgery

END OF SUMMER: A Guide to Plastic Surgery

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Getting ready for cooler weather? Looking forward to those holiday parties? With summer barely coming to an end, it may be hard to think about that now, but it is a great time to consider doing something special for YOU. Surgeons at the Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery™ are always in demand, but are often less busy in the summer months. It is an opportune time to get that procedure you have been considering when it fits into YOUR schedule.

Still have a summer getaway planned? We’ve got you covered.

Surgical options that typically have quick recovery times include: breast augmentation, small to moderate levels of liposuction, mini-tummy tuck, and BBL. Any procedure with an incision will require you to avoid water activities until it is healed, usually at least two weeks.

Summer is not the time for lasers and peels as your new, fresh skin that emerges will be very sensitive to the sun. However, there are many non-surgical options like CoolSculpting®, Evolve®, and Ultherapy that provide satisfying results with little to no down time.

Coolsculpting® is an alternative to surgical fat reduction. Common areas include the stomach and love handles.

The InModeEvovle® has three modalities including tone, trim and tightening. Common areas of treatment include the stomach, arms and legs.

®Ultherapy is another great option for skin tightening. This device is commonly performed on the jaw line and neck.

On the go? Fillers and toxins are a quick way to refine facial features such as filling in hollow areas, plumping lips, filling in deep wrinkles or reducing fine lines.

ACPS™ is Houston’s largest plastic surgery practice dedicated to the art of aesthetic surgery. Our experienced team will work with you to develop treatment plan that fits into your busy schedule. After all, the best you is what we do!

For more information visit us at or call (713) 999-4768.

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