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After two years of Covid and the setback it imposed on our lifestyle, 2022 is the time to make up for all the opportunities we missed.

New Year’s Resolutions -or “Goals” as I prefer to call them- are a great thing. At least they are the first step to achievement. But they are worth it only if you turn them into action. So your very first resolution for 2022, should be to completely kill procrastination, “the dream killer”.

Here are some key suggestions and ideas you may want to consider:



Pay attention to this, and do it carefully. We all came to this world under very different circumstances, born and raised in different places, even countries, and cultures, with such incredible differences, different health, and mindset conditions, different religions and values, different financial situations, different educations, different cultures, different approaches to life, different everything. We all were born and raised with huge advantages over others, in an infinite number of areas.

However, there are two single commodities we all as humans have in common: Time and potential. No matter who we are or where we come from, no matter how intelligent, wealthy, healthy, educated, beautiful, skilled, and successful we are -or not-, we all have the same amount of time and potential to become what we could be.

We all have 24 hours in a day to do whatever we want with them. No one has one single second more than the other to claim an advantage.

In addition to that, we all have the same potential to accomplish literally anything. Especially when living in one of the best cities in the number one country in the world for opportunities. But even if you lived in the worst neighborhood of the poorest country in the world, under the most adverse circumstances, you have the potential to get out of there and do something about it, as it has been proven by the millions that have done exactly that.

But since I’m talking to my audience in Houston, I’ll be very specific to you as a Houstonian. Are you aware that at least 17 Houstonians made it to Forbes’ list of the wealthiest billionaires in the world, despite a 2021 packed with obstacles? Interestingly enough, we all drive through the same streets, eat at the same restaurants, buy groceries at the same stores, have to deal with the same family issues, we all send our kids to school every morning, buy the same medicines at CVS or Walgreens to deal with the same allergies, we all wear very much the same clothes (nobody knows if you bought the outfit you have on right now at Sacks 5h Ave., Nordstrom Rack or Ross, and it really makes no difference). If you look at the time right now on your Santos de Cartier or your $20 watch, we are all looking at the exact same time, and this day will end with the exact same amount of minutes for all of us.

The key question is: how do Richard Kinder, Dannine Avara, Robert Brockman, or Tilman Fertitta -I just randomly picked 4 of the 17- manage their time? We all started out this day at about the same time this morning. I have no doubt we would gather great lessons from our findings in regards to their time management.

Having said that, I must add that we all have the exact same potential to do equally great things as they have done, and accomplish very much anything. Most likely in different fields, and at different timetables, just like “the 17”, but both you and I are equally equipped to take the necessary steps to live an amazing life, a life with a great purpose, and accomplish extraordinary things, even much greater than the ones they accomplished.

And by the way, who determined that success is measured by net worth? Sure, finances definitely do play an important part in your success story, but self-fulfillment, happiness, health, family, contribution to others in our community and outside of our inner circle, to name a few, are just as important. The key point to bear in mind: Money without a selfless purpose is your worst course, not a blessing.

Almost 27 years ago I chose to make communications – publishing LUXCIOR is just my most visible, tangible tool- in order to fulfill my purpose in life, as it allows me to communicate, to educate, to empower those less privileged, as I reach a segment of mid to high-income individuals, and ironically as it may seem, I have seen enough to learn that many wealthy people can be incredibly unprivileged in many other areas of their lives. My humble, yet in many cases meaningful contribution, is my highest purpose in life.

Your purpose in life can be growing Forbes Houston’s list to “the 18”, or as a health practitioner relieving the pain of those suffering of health conditions, or releasing the greatest product or service company no one thought of yet, or becoming the greatest commercial or residential architectural firm, or the next top real estate developer, or the greatest mother, or the best teacher laying the foundation for small children to become incredible success stories, or our next president.

Wherever you are in life today, as we start 2022, and whatever your life purpose is, this year empowers your destiny maximizing and optimizing every minute of each day, and pushing your strengths to their full potential. Don’t settle for anything less than that.

2- Kill the DREAMS killer

Make it a rock-solid determination that whatever your goals are, you will NOT allow procrastination to get on your way. You are in control, and you will make sure things get done, completely done, and in your timetable. Leaving things for later is no longer an option. The road of “tomorrow” is the fastest way to the land of “nowhere and failure”. That stops now, and forever. From now on you are an “Action” individual.

4- Don’t set yourself up for disappointment

Set your sights high, but within reason. 2020 and 2021 were both years of outright heartache for a lot of people and for some the pandemic aftershocks are still shaking the ground around them.

Aside from being realistic in your goals, you should also be prepared for your initial plans to take detours at times.  The past two years helped us understand that many things are not entirely under our control. You may need to be quick on your feet to remedy the unpredictables and salvage your resolutions. Give your New Year’s goals something to really hold on to in case something happens. Obviously, you can’t come up with a thousand contingencies; just remember that when you’re making plans we don’t have the luxury of taking things for granted. If a challenge comes up, you’ll deal with it more easily if you accept that nothing can be 100% set in stone.


Have time for yourself, before you deal with anything or anyone else. And this includes anyone else texting you, emails, social media, and so forth. Your morning Hour of Power is what will set the tone and ultimately the outcome for your day. This is the time when you sit in a quiet place in your home, away from distractions of any kind. If your significant other or children will be around, get up an hour earlier, and secure your sacred time. Let everyone at home know that this is your time, and it needs to be respected.

What do you do and what is it to be gained with this incredible ritual? Well, it will depend on your preferences. In my case, I use this time to read (actually study) my Bible and talk to God. I make it a point not to talk to anyone before I talk to God. For me, he must be #1, and I seek knowledge, wisdom, and guidance while reading the Bible. And I seal this hour with a conversation with him where I thank him for all his goodness, for my family, my children, my health, my mind, my creativity, my work, among many other things. This alone makes me not only be grateful but also appreciate how much I’ve been blessed and how wealthy I am.

Counting your blessings, and being thankful is crucial to make you see that you are well-positioned for even greater levels of success in all areas of your life. Even if you don’t believe there is a God watching over you, you should reflect, read, learn and grow in some way during this powerful time. Reflect over your challenges, your failures, but always keep in mind that no matter how great yesterday’s failure was, today is a new day, and you have a brand new opportunity to do great things. Your past successes should come to mind Focus on how great you did in the past, and get ready to do it again.

This is the time to also plan your day. At the end of this hour, you have a roadmap for this day, and that roadmap should always guide you towards accomplishing your mid and long-term goals. You shouldn’t do anything that is not 100% supportive of your goals.

6. Prioritize your health

We all are different, different ages, gender, health conditions, goals, etc. But we all come to an agreement: our health plays the most basic role in our quality of life.

Taking control of your health may require covering several areas, like the way you eat, the way you exercise, and the way you rest -to name a few-.

What you eat plays a critical role in your health, weight, your mind, your self-esteem, your performance, your happiness, and much more. You are what you eat, literally. So it’s entirely up to you to decide how you will handle your eating habits. At this point, I think it’s unnecessary to tell you that refined sugars are bad for you and will make you gain weight, or that eating heavily right before you go to bed at night is unhealthy, or that eating vegetables and fruits should always be an important part of your diet. You know all these things. Now the question is, what are you going to do with this knowledge? We both know the answer if you want to be your best you.

Exercising is another key component you should bring into your weekly routine. Three days a week at a minimum will pay you great rewards. Do intervals between cardio and workout. Don’t do both on the same day. Your body needs time to recuperate and give you back the results you want.

Sleep well. People are killing themselves and their brain functions by stealing from the number of hours of rest they need. The number of hours you naturally sleep when you don’t wake up with your alarm, that is the amount of rest your body and mind need. Make adjustments to support that need, and go to bed at a time that will allow you to accomplish that.

Drink lots of water, and natural juice direct from fruits. Nothing can compare to water. Our brain feeds from it, and so does our body. Make the firmest decision to stop drinking sodas and artificially flavored drinks. There are nothing, “0” nutrients there for you, and a big deal of harmful sweeteners and chemicals.

7. Develop the habit of turning “dead time” into a productive learning opportunity

Learning new things every day makes you smarter, and more successful. You can convert your “dead-time” while you drive into a great learning opportunity by listening to whatever will give you the opportunity to grow in any given area. I used to listen to music or the news, and I still do on short drives, but when I know I’ll be sitting in the car for at least 30 minutes, I use that time to learn and grow. Even if you think you don’t have anything in mind to learn at this time, at the very minimum listen to speakers that can teach you how to develop yourself. Examples are Tony Robbins, Eric Thomas, Jay Abraham, Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, to name a few of several speakers that will empower you with real-life advice.

I hope this will help you get on track to a great 2022, and enjoy noticing the progress in your lifestyle and accomplishments. The rewards will be worth any effort you put into it.

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