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The underline, miami’s linear park and urban trail, opens to the public

The underline, miami’s linear park and urban trail, opens to the public

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the first phase of a park located beneath part of miami’s metrorail has opened to the public. ‘the underline’, which was first featured on designboom in 2017, is being completed in phases, and will eventually become a 10‑mile (16 kilometer) linear park, urban trail, and public art destination. the scheme is the brainchild of meg daly who worked with james corner field operations to develop plans for the site.

On febraury 26, 2021, ‘brickell backyard’, the project’s first phase opened to the public. designed by field operations, this first half mile of the underline comprises: the river room, with separate biking and walking paths, a dog walk, and native grasses, trees, and flowers; an urban gym with exercise equipment as well as basketball and soccer facilities; the promenade, an urban stage with a plaza for cultural and wellness programming as well as community-based events; and the ‘oolite room’, which features four butterfly gardens nestled in a natural stone canyon.

Phase two of the project will add another 2 miles (3 km) to the underline, with the final phase including a further 7 miles (11 km). once complete in 2025, the project will create more than 120 acres of open space with restored natural habitats, improved pedestrian and bicycle pathways that connect directly with public transportation, and public open spaces with various active, passive, and cultural programs and installations. see designboom’s previous coverage of the project here.

project info:

name: the underline
location: miami, FL
design: james corner field operations
status: phase 1 open to the public — project opening in phases through 2025

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