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Aracari Travel Supports Community Project to Reforest the Sacred Valley of the Incas

Aracari Travel Supports Community Project to Reforest the Sacred Valley of the Incas

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Aracari is proud to announce it’s support of Valle Sagrado Verde, a community project to reforest the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

Since the first humans arrived in the Sacred Valley, some 5000 – 7000 years ago, this enchanting land has been intensively managed for grazing, agriculture, and construction. The region remains one of the most picturesque in Peru, yet one can only imagine how awe-inspiring a trek through this land would have been before civilization arrived, a truly green Sacred Valley.

By committing to plant 3500 trees through the Valle Sagrado Verde project, we want to help restore the environment and habitats of the Sacred Valley, to ensure today’s generations can benefit from the land in a way that doesn’t undermine its future enjoyment.

Marisol Mosquera, Aracari Founder, says “Many of the volunteers of the Valle Sagrado Verde project, who will physically help to plant the trees, are Aracari friends and partners who in normal (pre-covid) times would have earned a living from local tourism. The impact of the pandemic means these people have found new ways to support their communities. Reforestation not only helps restore local habitats and wildlife but also reduces the risks of landslides and flooding, in addition to soaking up greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere.

We are just one partner of the Valle Sagrado Verde project. Achieving our vision will take many more supporters to become involved. That’s why we’re committing to plant an additional 10 trees per group that books any kind of travel with Aracari. It’s just one way that travelers with Aracari can have peace of mind their journeys are responsible. To learn more about all the projects that we support, please view our sustainable travel page. The Valle Sagrado Verde project’s website also contains further information about the remarkable work being undertaken.

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