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In an era of virtual realities, 3D animations have become the future in our hands today. Software for the development of animations is readily available for anyone; so are Formula 1 race cars. However, not many are ready for the ride.

Only a few can actually say they have mastered the complicated world of 3D animations, although there is a much higher need and demand for 3D creators than for formula drivers. gFORCE Animation, Inc. is a dual company founded by Slade Deliberto and Paul Ehmer in Houston, Texas.

Slade is one of the top 3D animators in the United States and the creator of some of the most extraordinary 3D animations in oil & gas, energy, exhibition companies, and museums, to name a few.

His work has been utilized by feature films and top advertising agencies around the country. The name came about based on Slades’ “gFORCE” fast animation skills and military background. Paul Ehmer is a network specialist with relationships at the highest level within fields such as Manufacturing, Distribution, Oil & Gas, Energy, Media Clusters, Live Event Production, TV & Film, Custom LED Wall Installation, and design, to name a few.

They saw a need that could be filled by providing high-end creative content and visuals from small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. They have since expanded into the Micro Led world, adding a product that goes hand in hand with video animation, by offering massive-scale screens for fully immersive experiences or “smaller” screens for personal use in outdoor spaces, venues, trade shows, home theaters, and much more.

MicroLED screens are similar to OLEDs in their self-emissive properties, but instead of using organic lightemitting diodes, they use tiny, non-organic LEDs. That means that each pixel can be turned on or off individually, or can display a completely different color to the one next to it. The result is essentially perfect contrast and color control.

The extraordinary alternative offered by gFORCE is that there is no limit to the size, shape, or form of the screen. It may be used in walls, ceilings, and even floors. It can be 100 inches wide or 100 yards long. It can cover your entire home-theater wall, your conference room wall, or the side of a building. Rectangular, square, oval, round, vertical or horizontal, straight, circled or waved, there is no limit other than your need or imagination. No matter the size, the ultra-high resolution remains the same. Indoors it’s usually used at 40% of its actual brightness, otherwise, it will be as bright as a light panel. Outdoors, you can increase the brightness to see a perfect image under direct sunlight. Just imagine! Its waterresistant capability makes it ideal for a pool screen.

Once the screen is installed, gFORCE can provide state-ofthe- art interactive graphics to show off any brand or content. Even in private in-home use, having your own personal emblem or family customized video graphics to entertain and impress your guests. Properly installed, it can actually even be framed to be mobile. The signal comes out of a computer, so the possibilities are infinite.

gFORCE effectively supports clients like the Houston Museum of Natural Science, OMRON, Group 1 Automotive, Be An Angel Foundation, Shilling Robotics, and many more, sell and display their ideas through their creative visual expertise and technology. They have found that not only can this content make products far more marketable, but it can actually be used to do so much more than that.

While participating with Be An Angel Foundation to provide VR experiences for children with special needs, they were able to see firsthand the power and benefit of immersive technology. Children with special needs that were initially upset and uncomfortable, became instantly soothed upon entering the virtual simulations.

There are also projects focusing on PTSD, anxiety, depression, pain management, and many other medical and psychological applications.

With innovations in the fields of immersive therapeutics, athletic training, green energy, restaurants, entertainment, empathy training, industrial safety, travel, real estate, education, and so much more, they can use this technology to truly impact the world interacts with itself. All it takes is the vision and the gFORCE’s team to make it a realit.

And in closing, leaving the best for last, the best part is that the product comes from the same manufacturer as the leading brands, without the hefty price tag.


For more information, or to visit their showroom in The Woodlands, you may want to call Paul at 281.541.0309, or visit

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