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Brazilian Doctor Marcos Ikeda, also known as “Mom’s doc” is more than just a remarkable plastic surgeon, he is a real artist, with the ability to build curves and sculpt muscles, especially to moms who have lost their figure after having children, giving them back a superior self-esteem, self-confidence, security and love for their own bodies. “My passion is to make my patients feel better and more beautiful every day, committing myself to continuously strive for excellence to provide them with the best results and the best care.”

Dr. Marcos Ikeda is a board-certified gynecology surgeon who specializes in aesthetic medicine, cosmetic surgery, and aesthetic plastic gynecology surgery. He owns and operates his own private practice, Houston Galleria Surgery & Medspa with his partner, board-certified OB/GYN Dr. Nicolas Xydas in Houston, TX. Dr. Marcos has advanced international training in cosmetic surgery and is a fellow of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (FACOG), as well as, a member of the Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. He places great emphasis on personalized care and is committed to serving his patients with respect and compassion.

We cannot rule out his trilingual communication skills in three languages: English, Spanish and his native Portuguese, which allow him to directly communicate with patients from a wide range of countries. “I always seek to reach the highest outcome and create bonds of trust with my patients; I am a simpathetic surgeon and very close to my patients, focused on achieving the best aesthetic results.”

In addition to his dedication to aesthetics, Dr. Marcos is also a distinguished professional in gynecology, with a long history of bringing more than 5,000 babies to the world. This specialty leads him to perfect himself and be recognized among the top five surgeons in Houston in Vaginal Rejuvenation and Labiaplasty. These two specialties position him in the narrow gap between his two great professions of Gynecological Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Surgery.

Gynecology and plastic and aesthetic surgery make Dr. Marcos the ideal specialist for the reconstruction of the bodies of moms; he clearly understands where the woman’s body suffered deformities, elasticity or increase in fat in certain areas after childbirth.

“It is a rewarding event to bring a newborn into the world and see what a woman’s body can accomplish, but it is even more rewarding to help my patients bring their bodies to their original aesthetic beauty.”

In order for the work of Dr. Marcos Ikeda to be of the highest quality, he has a team of professionals made up of more than 30 assistants in different capacities, demonstrating every day with their professionalism, respect and conviction, that their patients and their particular needs are their priority, everything in order to guarantee the highest satisfaction with the results. “The human quality of our team, the professionalism with which we care for our patients, and unequivocally our best letter of introduction, are the same patients who, after achieving the expectations, recommend our services to family members and friends”.

To learn about your opportunities to go back to your original beauty with Dr. Marcos Ikeda, visit www. or schedule an appointment at his Galleria office by calling 832.464.0000.

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