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The 10 Most Expensive Harley Davidson Motorcycles

The 10 Most Expensive Harley Davidson Motorcycles

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Harley Davidson might be the most recognized and notable name in motorbikes. It’s name is familiar to anyone, whether you are a bike fan or not, and they have produced some of the most desirable and sought after bikes in the history of motorcycles. Harley Davidson is an American motorcycle manufacturer that was founded in 1903, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and is one of only two motorcycles to have survived the Great Depression and grown into one of the most iconic motorcycle companies in the world. There is a loyal following for the bikes produced by Harley and have universal clubs and events. They also have a large product-line of brand-focused merchandise. Harley has designed some of the most expensive bikes in the world. Some of Harley’s most expensive bikes date back to the company’s early years and are highly sought after by motorcycle enthusiasts and collectors. Here are the ten most expensive Harley Davidson motorcycles.

10. VRSC V-Rod (2002) – $16,995

The VRSC V-Rod was inspired by Harley-Davidson’s drag racing team and is a powerful bike that gives you 115 horsepower, which is 8,250 rpm’s more than any street bike Harley Davidson has developed. It is has also the greatest award-winning street bike in the history of Harley’s longstanding heritage. Only 11,000 units were ever produced, which makes it somewhat rare, and a more expensive bike, selling at $16,995.

9. CVO Street Glide (2010) – $30,999

The CVO Street Glide (2010) is part of Harley Davidson’s 2010, limited edition models and is known as one of their hot-rod model bikes. Only 3,500 units of this powerful touring bike were produced. The bike was designed with a V-Twin engine 110ci (1803 cc), which is the largest displacement V-Twin engine Harley offers. This customized bike was designed with load of chrome and a vibrant paint job to give it a look of speed and agility. This model is worth $30,999

8. EL “Knucklehead” (1936) -$100,000

The EL “Knucklehead” (1936) bike is the bike that had the biggest influence on all future bikes that have been produced since. It is often referred to as the “father” of the modern Harley. The bike was the first to sport the teardrop gas tank, which is still used today, and it inspired the air-cooled twins that Harley Davidson used on the following models to-date. This original “Knucklehead” is worth $100,0o0 and is one of Harley’s most prized bikes to-date.

7. JH “Two-Cam” (1928) – $150,00

This is the first Harley bike that was designed with a Two-Cam engine and the first bike that customers were able to experience riding on a bike of this nature. The year was 1928 when Harley fans first got a taste of this top-notch bike and could soar down the road at top speeds of 85-100 mph. This type of engine had originally been used in racing, until Harley released this new application to the public.

6. DAH Hillclimber (1932) – $200,000

The Hillclimber got a lot of recognition in the 1920’s and 1930’s for its ability to take the victory in races, on even hills. This little bike had power and it was the very first of its kind, and first to sport the rare, 45 cubic-inch, overhead valve arrangement that was never used on the street bike models. Once this bike began to show its power on hills, consumers flocked to it and it is now worth $200,000.

5. Unrestored Singles (Pre-1910) – $300,000

During the first ten years of Harley’s business, they kept their production down to just a couple hundred motorcycles per year. Even on into the year 1908, they still were only producing under 500 bikes, which is what makes the bikes from those days, very rare. It also makes them expensive. If you can find an unrestored Harley Davidson from this era, and better yet, one that is unfinished, you can expect to pay between $300,000 and $1Million.

4. Model 5-D Twin (1909) – $400,000

There were only 27 units made of this design back in 1909 and is known as the Model 5-D Twin, due to it twin-cylinder engine. The bike boasted of a 50 cubic-inch F-head with magneto ignition, a Schebler carburetor and the rear wheel was powered by a leather belt. This bike sits in the Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee and it is the only one of these bikes that survived and still exists today.

3. 8-Valve Racer (1916–1923 – $1,000,000

The 8-Valve Racer was a racing bike and had 8 valves to help with speed. Only two of the authentic bikes from this lineage, are still around today, and one of them is sitting in the Harley Davidson museum. With only 20 of the bikes ever made, it is no wonder why they want to put in safe keeping. This bike is said to be worth $1Million dollars.

2. Cosmic Starship – $1Million

The Cosmic is the second most expensive Harley and is worth $1Million. This is a 6-cylinder engine bike and was built on the frame that gave Harley its most value. The unique frame design has stuck and has been a popular look, ride and feel, for millions of customers world-wide ever since. The amazing artwork on the bike earned it its nickname, the “Cosmic Starship” and it is worth $1Million.

1. Easy Rider – $1.35 million

This is the most expensive Harley Davidson bikes ever. It is known as the “Easy Rider” and it sold for $1.35 million at an auction. It is very patriotic and it has earned the named “Captain America” which was Peter Fonda’s character’s name in the 1969 movie. Harley Davidson has some really interesting bikes, and if you don’t agree, then you don’t know motorcycles.

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