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KIRAN’S: Pride of Houston in Indian Cuisine

KIRAN’S: Pride of Houston in Indian Cuisine

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No introductions needed: Chef Kiran Verma, known as the “godmoder of Indian fine dining”, has been for years the pride of Houston and Texas. Her recently beautifully remodeled restaurant is a luxurious setting for every special occasion.

Chef Kiran defines her cuisine as a combination of cultures, philosophies and cooking techniques. Sourced from local purveyors and the Gulf waters, their food is inspired by the Awadhi style of cooking – the art of cooking over a slow fire, with the subtle use of spices and herbs to create delicate flavors. Some of the food is also cooked in traditional clay ovens, or tandoors, in the style of the Indian North-West Frontier Province.

Kiran is a self-taught chef who has been guided by her Indian upbringing and true love for fine cuisine. The result: an amazing range of dishes of her own creation to satisfy the most demanding and sophisticated local and international diners.

Goat and lamb make an important part of Indian cuisine. The same is true for parts of the country where vegetarianism is very popular. The trend reflects on parts of Kiran’s menu, making this type of food not only delicious but also quite healthy.

Appetizers are comprised of a variety of options, including Goat Cheese & Beek Salad, made with pistachio-crusted, roasted beets, poached pear masala cashews, and house vinaigrette.

The Tomato & Burrata Salad is a delicious combination of baby greens, curry leaf mustard vinaigrette, balsamic reduction, and basil. The Lamb Belly candied green chili, accompanied by garbanzo succotash mint, and pomegranate is another great choice for starters.

Kiran’s award-winning wine list of over 300 labels, along with monthly wine dinners, complements the delicate flavors of the food.

The main course includes spicy and tender alternatives such as the Butter Chicken, made of pulled tandoori chicken, honey & saffron tomato sauce. The Lamb Rhogan Josh is a favorite, served with aloo methi.

Imagine the Seafood Curry fish or shrimp with peanuts, sesame seeds, coconut, and tamarind. Out of this world!  Korma made of chicken or lamb, cashew, almond, cardamom, and saffron makes another one of the many fabulous Chef Kiran’s creations. The signature Vindaloo dish is a must-try, made with chicken or lamb. I didn’t get to try it, but I can only imagine the flavors on the Bison Kofta Curry, tandoori bison meatballs in rhogan josh.

Having briefly browsed through some of the extraordinary recipes, all cooked to perfection and seasoned with the famous Indian spices Chef Kiran combines masterfully, now imagine the desserts! I would have no problem in making my visit to Kiran’s just about their sweets. Nothing short of out-of-this-world.

We have made some good photography part of this conversation, as one image speaks a thousand words. But ultimately, if you are one of the few locals, or a Houston visitor, who still hasn’t paid Kiran’s a serious visit, I strongly encourage you not to waste any more time. Rest assured, you can never go wrong at this amazing destination.

And make sure to greet Chef Kiran herself. She is as sweet and humble as any good Master Cook should be. You will treasure knowing her as the icing on the cake in your next visit.

The restaurant is known for serving up Indian hospitality, with French sophistication and American informality. The various rooms are impeccably classy and elegantly decorated, following the many years of 5-star reputation.

You may also consider enjoying an Afternoon Tea on Saturdays after 2 pm. Chef Kiran has her own chai blend.

In closing, I would like to highlight the fact that we at LUXCIOR are delighted to know that Houstonians can enjoy, right here at home, a superb and authentic dining experience from one of the countries that are internationally praised for its flavors, spices, and aromas.

Talking to several Indian friends, they all coincide in one thing: Kiran is the most passionate and personable of all restaurateurs in Houston.  As a chef she spends most of her time in the kitchen, while she is also out in the dining rooms greeting and talking to her customers, always attentive to make them feel right at home. Everybody loves Kiran.

We are grateful to Chef Kiran for adding so much value to the Indo-American and multi-cultural landscape of our city.

Dining + Bar + Lounge: Monday-Friday 11:30 am-10 pm

Saturday-Sunday 4 pm-10 pm

Afternoon Tea: Friday, Saturday & Sunday 2 pm

Delivery + Curbside: Monday-Sunday 11 am-9 pm

2925 Richmond Ave Suite 160, Houston, TX 77098

For reservations: (713) 960-8472  |

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