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Glamour & Fun spoiling your car

If there is something that in people’s opinion is last in their list of glamorous things to do, is having to take your car to be serviced, or even worse, for repairs. In fact, I can only think of going to the dentist as more annoying and even aggravating than having to deal with an auto mechanic.

However, it was an incredibly refreshing experience discovering that there is a shop in Houston that makes this experience quite the opposite. The name to know and definitely remember is Auto Check Elite.

The only caveat is that it is situated in Katy, so you could consider location an inconvenience if you live in The Woodlands. However, even that is taking care of, when you have your vehicle picked up anywhere in Houston, and a replacement is brought to you while your car is being serviced. And when your vehicle is ready, it is brought back to you, not only in perfect condition, but clean as when it came out of the factory. This is what I call “The Ultimate Automobile Service Concierge”. No one understands better than Matthew -proud owner of Auto Check Elite- that a beautifully clean car runs ten times better than a dirty one. Of course, it’s just a matter of perception, but we have to agree one hundred percent with him on this.

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You can have your car serviced and groomed, without ever having to put a foot in their shop, but do you really want to avoid having to go to this totally out of the ordinary automobile boutique? I don’t think so. From the moment you step in the door, you know this is not just another auto mechanic. In fact, it’s an adventure.
The way you are greeted flags a clear signal that you are up for a white glove experience. But before you even get to talk about your car, there is no way you can help not being distracted by the decoration in the lobby. This is a small, gorgeous exhibit as I have not seen anywhere else. Here you don’t need a bunch of magazines in a service waiting area to keep you busy. There is plenty around to make you smile.

But once you step into the shop (no worries about grease or dust, this place is as impeccable as Houston’s Art Museum), you know your car will be in the hands of expert, passionate car lovers, and the most advanced and expensive technology, well worth your luxury automobile.

This is where the romance between your car and its technician begins. A true love story.

The magic behind Auto Check Elite starts fresh every morning, around a conference table and coffee on the second floor. Led by Matthew, the team of experts discuss not just the duties at hand for the day, but their new big thing. There is something new every day. A new idea, a new technology to be implemented, a new machine to consider buying, a new course to take, something funny to laugh about, a unique paint job for one of the garage doors to be discussed, a new event to be part of. Whatever it is, this “family” of car lovers embraces the project as if the business was their own.

Passion, attention to detail and precision on the job, are the combined names of the game, every day, on every single car, from an oil change or a new set of turbos, to a custom performance project.

One thing remains the same, though: the team members. Each one has a specific set of talents and expertise, key to the completion of any task. It is Matthew’s philosophy that contentment and happiness should be part of his team’s experience, day in and day out.


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The Morgan Motor Company is a family-owned British motor car manufacturer that was founded in 1910 by Henry Frederick Stanley Morgan. The Morgan Motor Company announced that they would launch the 3 Wheeler in 2011 at the Geneva Motor Show. The 3 Wheeler was initially said to have a Harley-Davidson Screaming Eagle V-twin engine and a Mazda 5-speed manual transmission, and was estimated to deliver 115 horsepower (86 kW) at the rear wheel. However, there was a surprise when the prototype that was shown at Geneva had an S&S engine. Production three-wheelers turned out to have S&S engines. The kerb weight was originally estimated to be less than 500 kilograms (1,102 lb), but the final weight was tested at 550 kg (1,212 lb). The acceleration from zero to 60 miles per hour (97 km/h) was estimated by Morgan as 4.5 seconds, with an (estimated) top speed of 115 miles per hour (185 km/h). The three-wheeler is to be homologated as a motorcycle in the United States. The company states that 850 deposits have been taken since the announcement in 2011. Customer deliveries began in Europe in February 2012. USA deliveries are not expected before June 2012, when the first imported three-wheeler was displayed in New York City and at the Greenwich Concours d’Elegance. The Morgan 3 Wheeler was featured in a Series 18 episode of UK motoring show Top Gear where presenter Richard Hammondpicked the Morgan 3 Wheeler in a comparison of track-day cars. The 3 Wheeler won the “Not-A-Car of the Year 2011″ in Top Gear.

Exhibited at the Houston Exotic Auto Festival
and on display at
Auto Check Elite
25551 Kingsland Blvd, Katy, TX 77494
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