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Garden plot on wheels for the urban jungle

Rinspeed presented the clever urban “Oasis” runabout at the CES in Las Vegas and the NAIAS in Detroit.

You can count on Swiss automotive visionary Frank M. Rinderknecht when it comes to reimagining mobility. With the Rinspeed concept vehicle “Oasis,” the ingenious self-driving electric vehicle for the city and surrounding areas, he refutes the deeply ingrained notion of the urban jungle that requires SUVs the size of battle tanks for the daily struggle for survival. His alternative concept: a maneuverable speedster with an integrated small garden plot behind the windshield.

The Rinspeed boss therefore challenges the martial appearance with mobile urban gardening. With its large glazed areas and shrouds on the front wheels, the refined and swift two-seat runabout looks rather futuristic and is somewhat reminiscent of a modern interpretation of famous Star Wars icon R2D2. They both can turn on their wheels with almost a zero radius. In the case of the “Oasis,” thanks to a special steering angle, two in-wheel electric motors and torque vectoring, all developed by ZF on Lake Constance.

The self-driving Swiss vehicle is not a wallflower or strictly functional like the Google Car, but rather “next gen” – with a host of technical and visual treats inside. Because in keeping with a great tradition, the twenty-third Rinspeed concept car was again engineered by Swiss company 4erC and executed by Esoro.

Speaking of inside: The ultimate eye-catcher is the small garden with enough space for growing radishes or even little Bonsai trees. Automotive supplier Kostal adds the element of nature to the car to make it a true third space. “Home+Garden” becomes “Car+Garden” – brought together by a custom removable planter.

The small garden plot is just one of features that creates a new living space in the interior of the car. Armchairs, sideboard and TV provide a modern living room ambience in white. Everything looks welcoming and inviting, thanks to the efforts of the innovative Swabian textile developers at Strähle+Hess, and Dutch company Stahl, the world market leader in leather and synthetic surfaces in automotive interiors. Together, they created a remarkable ensemble of natural, functional leather with various designs and surfaces complemented by textiles with bright edging highlights. For this purpose, Schoeller Spinning Group supplied an all-new highly elastic wool yarn. Also worthy of note are the elegant aluminum seat bases from GF Automotive in bionic lightweight design, the futuristic retractable air vents, and the multi-purpose storage box from Dr. Schneider Unternehmensgruppe. The floor is made from real wood, and created by the specialists from MeisterWerke. All adhesive bonds in and on the “Oasis” are realized with innovative adhesives from Sika Automotive.

An eerie quiet around the football arena, but the activities on Twitter show: Injury time is almost up and tens of thousands of fans will soon flood the streets. The Rinspeed “Oasis” is equipped with Harman LIVS technologies (Life-Enhancing Intelligent Vehicle Solutions), which put it always a step ahead, and its finger on the pulse of the social web – the “Oasis” has long since planned the alternative route.
The “Oasis” lets its driver know that several Facebook friends with similar tastes have recently liked a new restaurant that just opened nearby. A quick ‘Ok’ signaled to the personal assistant of the “Oasis,” and the table has been reserved. That fast.

To interact with the Harman system, the occupants use a slightly curved 5K widescreen display with voice- or gesture-control that spans the width of the “Oasis” in front of its passengers. In manual mode, it presents the most important information in condensed form. The images of the electronic rearview mirrors are dimmed when not needed.


The steering wheel from ZF folds flat and thus turns into a keyboard or work surface. The car thus becomes a self-driving office on wheels, complete with Office productivity software and Skype video telephony with live translation. The personal assistant not only knows which of the occupants is talking to it at the time, but also in what language the occupant speaks. The “Oasis” passengers are able to exchange and share interesting news on social media channels by using swiping gestures. In keeping with a ten-year tradition, a mechanical Carl F. Bucherer watch is integrated on the steering column. What is more: On the “Oasis,” the new Manero Flyback is rewound by the steering motions.

The next business trip begs. After dropping its owner off at the airport, the “Oasis” chauffeurs a nice couple who had searched for a ride on Facebook into the city. After dropping them off at their destination, the “Oasis” goes on Twitter to let the owners’ friends know that it is available for use at any time. They are able to summon it via WhatsApp and other social media apps. Two days later, the “Oasis” returns to the arrivals terminal of the airport, thanks to Harman LIVS punctual to the minute and unperturbed by potential flight delays, traffic jams and long lines at the baggage claim.

Curtains up for the evening entertainment with viewing enjoyment in CinemaScope, accompanied by the Harman Kardon 24-channel sound that virtually follows the passenger as the seat glides into the fully reclined position. The personal assistant takes a photo of the stunning sunset in passing – the “Oasis” keeps a diary and if desired also acts as a travel blogger to keep the Instagram followers up to date.
Feeling like taking back the wheel? Gladly – after passing an automatically administered fitness and alertness test.

By the way, the personal assistant is also at the driver’s disposal outside the car. Thanks to a link to the Harman Ignite Cloud Platform, it allows controlling the owner’s smart home from the “Oasis,” for example. Always a step ahead, it takes care of the lights and the wellness climate as the situation demands. BlackBerry QNX supplies an integrated and certified secure and protected software platform for self-driving vehicles.

The windscreen serves as a giant display for virtual and augmented realities. Holographic laser projection technology developed by WayRay allowed to make area covered by displays significantly larger than in conventional head-up display used today. US Company Techniplas, a specialist for cognitive and networked products, developed the multi-functional rear window. It integrates not only the usual lights at the back of a car; it also serves as a display panel for the integrated clever micro delivery box. It can even be cooled or heated as needed. As a special touch, the box was sized to fit a power bank form EVA Fahrzeugtechnik, which increases the range of the “Oasis” when circumstances demand.

When it comes to automotive lighting, Rinspeed relies on proven Osram quality. The manufacturer supplies the powerful LED headlights and the two projectors in the front surround. The LED ambience lighting with reading lights integrated into the headliner comes from Forster Rohner.


Who will own the car, who will operate it and what will it be used for? Rinspeed boss Rinderknecht has designed and equipped the car to keep all conceivable options open – if society is willing to share goods in a beneficial way. “Oasis” can be a shopping cart in the morning, a shipping services counter for a parcel service in the afternoon, and a pizza delivery vehicle at night. A digital access system from German supplier Huf makes it possible.
Apart from consulting firm EY, which contributed a study on the individualization of mobility, the masterminds behind the “Oasis” also include TOG-Tübitak. The Turkish research center – an institution not unlike the German Fraunhofer Institute – examines issues of tomorrow’s transport in its own mobility lab.

However, even the “Oasis” does need a dash of masculinity: Futuristic 20-inch Borbet Aero Design rims with laser-engraved “Oasis” logo underscore the vehicle dynamics.
Transmitting large volumes of data and information requires perfect connections and consequently is of fundamental importance for autonomous driving in particular. The intelligent antenna systems from Vites integrated into the roof play a crucial role in this regard.

Intelligent traffic management solutions from Siemens help optimize the traffic flow and thereby are a factor in providing more comfort in traveling, minimizing emissions, and enhancing the safety of all road users – for example, by warning road users of an approaching emergency vehicle. The “Oasis” uses different sensors based on NXP technology to capture a 360-degree view of its surroundings with pinpoint precision. Thanks to vehicle-to-vehicle communication, it can even look around corners and obstacles. This sensor fusion is then used to compute the safe driving maneuver.


An innovative app from MHP allows choosing potential passengers by interest or profession. For passionate car enthusiasts who just met, this can make the long drive to the vintage car event a sheer pleasure. The “Mini Mica” from connectivity specialist Harting is a scalable and flexible computing architecture, which uses different modules for adapting the “Oasis” to the particular requirements of the vehicle user, and installs the corresponding technology features. This makes an individualization of the “Oasis fleet” with efficient use of resources possible. The secure transmission of data and information was tested and certified by independent and impartial certification specialist Dekra. Axa Winterthur provides insurance and peace of mind if the unthinkable happens.

Urban gardening on wheels as a new trend? A little bit out there? Maybe. But as always, the creation of Swiss mobility innovator Frank M. Rinderknecht is an oasis for inspiration in the otherwise rather expansive automotive wasteland. On display at the CES in Las Vegas and the NAIAS in Detroit in January 2017, and in spring 2017 – in a manner of speaking, in the Swiss national own front garden – at the Geneva Motor Show. As always, put in the best light by Vollmond Advertising Agency from Saarland, Germany.

The “Oasis“ was just be exhibited at the 2017 CES Las Vegas in the Hard Rock Hotel in the Harman Venue and at the the 2017 NAIAS in Detroit.












The Post Oak standS as the most luxurious -and with the highest rates- hotel in Houston. With the increase in number of wealthy visitors coming to Houston to visit the largest Medical Center in the world, to shop or to conduct business, The Post Oak just makes sense.

The strong demand for the highest quality hotel rooms is a clear indication of the appeal of extreme luxury. According to Stacy Small, President of Elite Travel International, “As our clients’ net worth increases, so too does their desire to reward their hard work with ultra-luxury travel experiences, often in private-yet-posh settings with their extended family and friends. We are seeing a continued increase in demand for multi-room, high-dollar suites.”

And this trend is not likely to slow down. On the contrary, it is anticipated that billionaires will grow by 50% in the next ten years.

This spectacular property has been booked from day 1.





Location 1600 West Loop South
(next to Landry’s, Inc. corporate headquarters)

Development Size
– 10 acres
– 680,000 sq. ft. tower
– 40,000 meeting and event space
– 16,000 sq. ft. main ballroom
– 3,000 sq. ft. junior ballroom
– 10,000 sq. ft. conference and breakout room space
– 11,000 sq. ft. luxurious pre-function areas
– Two 10,000 sq. ft. eateries
– 28,000 sq. ft. Landry’s, Inc. Corporate Offices
– 3,300 sq. ft. Post Oak Motor Cars Display Area
– 10 story parking garage
– Five retail stores

Tower Size
– 38 floors, 495 feet tall
– 10 floors / 140,000 sq. ft. boutique office space
– 22 residential units ranging from 1,000 – 2,000 sq. ft.
– 252 luxury rooms and suites ranging from 500 – 4,000 sq. ft.
– 4,000 sq. ft. Chairman Suite
– 1,500 sq. ft. Presidential Suite

Luxury Amenities
– Two-story Bentley and Rolls-Royce auto showroom
– Two-story spa and salon
– Stunning resort pool
– State-of-the-art workout facility
– Lush landscaping including terraced gardens
– Members-only private lounge and patio

– Mastro’s Steakhouse, first Texas location, offering spectacular outdoor dining, world-class service, highly acclaimed cuisine, and live entertainment in an elegant yet entertaining atmosphere.
– Iconic Willie G’s Seafood and Steaks relocates to The Post Oak offering both indoor seating and expansive outdoor patio dining among lush oak trees.

The landmark tower will evoke a modern interpretation of classical forms with high-performing building components – all with dramatic interior finishes and unobstructed views of the surrounding neighborhoods and Downtown.

Project Team Tilman J. Fertitta, Owner/ Developer
Gensler, Design Architect
Tellepsen, Contractor


“Billion Dollar Buyer” introduces promising companies across the country to one of America’s most successful businessmen: Tilman Fertitta, Chairman, CEO and sole shareholder of Landry’s, Inc.

Fertitta oversees more than 500 properties and over 50 leading restaurant, hotel, and entertainment brands, ranging from high-end properties like Mastro’s and Morton’s The Steakhouse, to such mainstream destinations as Rainforest Cafe, Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., Saltgrass Steak House, and five Golden Nugget Casinos. With an annual supply spend of $2 billion, his buying power is second to none. Now, he’s personally scouting the country for the most innovative new products America’s entrepreneurs have to offer – everything from food and drink for his restaurants and casinos, to furniture and lighting for his hotels.



In each hour-long episode, Fertitta will spend time with two small businesses, sample their goods, get to know their owners, and assess their compatibility with Landry’s, Inc. He’ll point out flaws in their product and operations, share his expertise, and push for improvements. In the end, he’ll decide whether to place a transformative purchase order with one of the companies, both, or neither.

This season, Fertitta is giving a new crop of businesses a chance to be part of his empire (right column, in alphabetical order; air dates to be announced).

“Billion Dollar Buyer” is produced for CNBC by Endemol Shine North America with David Tibballs and Robin Feinberg as executive producers. Jim Ackerman and Luke Bauer are the executive producers for CNBC.


Real Estate Entrepreneur, former model & TV host, listed on countless “women of the year” lists, Carmina Zamorano has been devoted to helping out her Houston community and all over the world. A mother to three beautiful daughters and a natural beauty both inside and out, she needs no introduction as a humanitarian spokesperson.

Carmina Zamorano defines herself as a wife and a working mom. She is a woman in love with two passions: her family and her business. She thinks that accomplishments are not only achieved with talent, but through hard work and believing in others as much as yourself. She could sit back, relax, and reap the benefits of her growing business and fame, but she wouldn’t feel complete. She wants her family and friends to achieve greatness, as well. And although she struggled with the deception of her business partner a few years ago, she is grateful to reflect upon the past, and learn from her mistakes. She knows that selfishly working towards your own goals does not lead to true success.

From early age Carmina wanted to be an architect. However, her father pushed her to follow a different path – law. So, she earned a master’s degree in corporate law and, also, an MBA in business. Carmina keeps a close circle of friends, the same four friends that have accompanied her throughout her whole life. She loves reading, relaxing, and staying home with her husband and three young daughters. She also enjoys learning about international business, city development, and interior design. She appreciates cultivating and developing new projects, from the creation of the idea to looking for the perfect target market. She is re-energized every time she begins a new one.
We asked Carmina how she manages her success. She told us, that, the key to being successful, in life and in work, is to remain grounded and understand there is always going to be someone bigger than you. In a world of sycophants, it is easy to get lost in the hustle.

Carmina believes Houston is a land of tremendous opportunity, but what stands out the most is the loyalty of its people. When Houstonians open their doors and you deliver, that loyalty stays there forever. In other cities, the pool is filled with sharks, and the competition is fearless and brutal, but here, honesty prevails.

This year of 2016 was a magnificent year for Carmina, receiving multiple nominations and awards to recognize her splendid labor in the Houston Community.

She kicked started the year by attending the 2016 Be an Angel Donor Appreciation Luncheon, where this amazing foundation, gave thanks to those who have supported this great cause for many years. Be an Angel Fund has the mission to improve the quality of life for children with multiple disabilities.

She is also an active member of Nicole’s Garden Foundation, attending several fundraising events to support this lovely and innovative cause. Le Jardin de Nicole, founded in Houston, has the mission to establish alternative and traditional gardens in non-traditional communities and non-green spaces, to help lower socioeconomic residents regardless of race, color or sexual orientation.

Carmina has been a big supporter of Houston Pet Set for many years, she attended numerous fundraising galas this year to support such a wonderful organization. Houston Pet Set provides grants to Houston-area animal nonprofits and which goal is to help those pets who need rescuing on a daily basis, as well as, neutering, fostering, adopting and protecting Houston’s homeless animal population.

In January, she was invited to join the Houston Intercontinental Chamber of Commerce as a Board Member (HICC) which she gladly accepted. Carmina’s entrepreneurial skills and business career provides excellent expertise in the Houston Business community. HICC members range from small entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies, which consist of thousands of employees.

March 31st, she celebrated with family, co-workers, friends & supporters the Grand Opening of Carnan Properties Houston International, where attendees also included all the charities & organizations she has supported through the years that she has been in Houston.


As previously mentioned, Carmina’s support goes beyond helping her Houston Community. In July, accompanied by her Husband Rafael Chavez, Carmina attended the Leonardo Di Caprio Foundation Gala in St. Tropez, dedicated to the long-term health and wellbeing of all Earth’s inhabitants. That night, $45 Million Euros were raised to help preserve our planet earth.

Early in September, Carmina received a Humanitarian Award at the Humanitarian Awards Luncheon from Latino Learning Center, recognizing her Philanthropic & humanitarian work which provides relief to the needs of the less fortunate population.

She was also paid tribute by Hennesy during the month of September during the celebration of Latin Heritage, which purpose is recognizing the contributions of Hispanics, like Carmina, that have made an impact to the culture of the United States.

In October, Carmina and her husband Rafael Chavez, were hosts to the Horses & Angels Gala at their ranch in Magnolia, Texas. This lovely fundraising gala was in support of Be an Angel foundation and Virtuosi of Houston. Both Carmina and her husband have been supporters of both charities for over 5 years.

In the month of November, Houston Magazine named Carmina for second year in a row ‘Dynamic Woman of the Year’ recognizing her entrepreneurial impact in the Houston community, talents, philanthropy and successes.

Over time, Carmina has become more involved in promoting humanitarian causes within her Houston community. There is still weeks left in this calendar year of 2016 and the month of December is one of the busiest months with fundraising events. She remains committed to attend such events during the holidays in order to support all those organizations she proudly believes in. Without a doubt, Carmina is invested in her Houston community on all and her influence has made a difference in everyone who gets to know her.


Being the most influential Latina in Houston is a big responsibility. Carmina does not take it lightly, believing that her thoughts must be consistent with her actions. For Carmina, it is being a good person that matters the most to her success.

Her marriage stands strong, but its stability was not achieved overnight. Rafael Chavez is not only her husband but her best friend, confidante, and business partner. Their worlds are independent but revolve around each other.

They have both struggled to ensure that their family is the foundation of their business.

Carmina confessed she would like to interview Donald Trump. Trump has built himself as a real estate mogul, and she is fascinated with his business savvy. She equally respects Hillary Clinton and would have liked her to be the president. However, she recognizes Trump is a great business man, although she greatly disapproves what Trump said regarding Mexicans.

Carmina’s goal is to take Carnan Properties to the next level, to continue cultivating it until it becomes the number one real estate group in the state of Texas. Through her honesty and hard-work, she has changed the dynamic of real estate in Houston and The Woodlands, proving that dreams can become reality.

LUXCIOR magazine -Houston’s Hispanic luxury lifestyle authority- is proud to award Carmina Zamorano as  “HOUSTON’S MOST INFLUENTIAL LATINA OF THE YEAR.”

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